Friday, February 28, 2014

Changing the design some.

Further play testing has brought to light some layout issues.  So I've put together an update that should help out.  The cards came out to light in color, so I've made adjustments to the colors as well.  Sorry for delays on the kickstarter.  The only thing left to do is a video.  I have all the equipment but finding the time is hard.  We'll keep you updated. 
 Uncut version of one of the new layout.  we've moved a few things around and modified the colors.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Still working on video, getting ready for the big Kickstarter start.  We'll try and get some photos up of the printed cards just so you can get a gander.  I've been looking for a company to handle printing for our tshirt.

Were also changing the packaging for the game by increasing the size of the game.  We had been using a wrapper before, but now we have a nice box that will be a good place to keep your cards.  We had been going with the wrapper because the entire deck was 11 cards, but the game is, if anything, better with more cards.  This will also make the game playable by 2-4 players.  So, all around the move from an 11 card deck to a 33 card deck is good good good.

Pickle your Sandwiches.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

We just got in the first copy of the game Sandwiches.  Looks great.  I am real excited.  Now we can get our action shots put together and we have a video in mind we can start developing.  when we get the video done, we are starting the kickstarter. 

Friday, February 14, 2014


Tree of Woe, a fun time game company would like to say hello to everyone out there.  I am Kurt Taylor.  I don't know how you've gotten here but you likely know that this is a game design company.  Kudos to you for finding the blog. intention for the blog is to start talking about games we have in development and to promote the games we are planning to release.  You know, what every game companies blog is about.  Why should you care?  Our games are awesome, that's why.  These questions. 

To get things started we are launching our first kickstarter.  Looking to the people to get us going.  

Our current big project is Sandwiches.  A card game for two people.  The deck of cards is small, only 11 cards in the deck, and it takes 10-15 minutes to play.  A great game that doesn't take up any space and is a fun way to kill some time.  The kickstarter is going to be starting very soon.  We are waiting for the first printed copies to come in the mail.  We have a nice intro to the game video planned and we want to put together some shots of the game in action.

If anyone would like to post comments, we here at Tree of Woe encourage it.  I would like to propose a question to our humble readership.  Do you like sandwiches?