Saturday, April 19, 2014

Being lapse on backburner

Sorry, I've been a bit behind on back burner updates.  We do have a new back burner to talk about this week.  Before we get into it.  Sandwiches was successful funded.  Where are we at on that?  It takes a couple weeks for the money to come through to our accounts, but right after that we are ordering product.  Good job everyone.   We will be launching the store after we get in the initial run.  Everyone who contributed deserves to be the first to get in copies of the game.  The game, the stickers, and the shirts are all good to go.

Now that we have done some updates, backburner.  There is a new project I've been designing on for a couple weeks and it is just coming together very quickly.  This reminds me of Sandwiches when I first started working on it.  I'm calling it Flags at current, but that name is going to change very soon.  The games about capturing locations or flags, but as I've been designing it the game has changed some.
Flags is a card game, probably 2 to 4 players, played from one deck.  Most of the cards in the deck are different soldiers.  Some of the cards are different locations.   You may play as many locations on a turn as you'd like, and when you play a location you get to draw another card.  The bulk of the game has to do with the interaction between the different soldiers, you get to draw a card to replace locations you play so that a player will not have a disadvantage for playing locations.  We also want to encourage players to play locations since winning is based off of controlling locations with your soldiers. 
Location are played into a middle zone.  No one owns locations here.  When you take a location you move it to a zone on your side.  You may also play a soldier on your turn.  The soldier goes into the staging area in front of you.  You may attack one other opposing soldier in a location or move between locations.  When you move into a location that has no soldiers on it, then you capture the location and move it into you location zone.  All locations give you additional abilities for your soldiers. 
The game is primarily about capturing these different locations, killing opposing soldiers to cut down your opponents options, and card advantage.  You only draw one card a turn, thus if you've wasted a lot of cards gaining your ground you may not have enough cards in total to secure enough territories to win.

That's the basics of the game.  I think this game needs flavor to help drive it.  I've conceived of a setting for the game as well.  I'm putting together some different designs for places and characters.  We're going with something cartoony and fun.  I saw a kickstarter for a game called catacomb.  They are selling a second edition of the game with new art.  The old art is classic fantasy, the new version is pretty interesting adventure time-esque.  I'm taking some inspiration for the style.  We'll also do a comic to precede the game that explains the setting.  If we do a kickstarter the comic might be a reward. 

Thanks for read foxes.
Pickle Your Sandwiches.

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