Friday, March 21, 2014

Coming up on half way.

We are 105 dollars away from the halfway point.  Please, all you foxes, keep getting the word out.  

Back burner
Sorry, folks.  We forgot the back burner last week.  We got a bit wrapped up in starting off the kickstarter.  This week I'd like to mention the game 'Utopian Future.'  In There is one very big deck of cards that everyone plays from.  The backs of each card has different resources like oil and trees.  The front of each card is a different building or event that lends itself to your goal of building a utopian society.  Most of what has been designed so far involves these resources and how drawing works.  At the start of your turn, you may draw two cards from the deck or one from the discard called the dump.  Every resource you draw has an added requirement when you draw it.  Like oil which let's you draw the oil and then the next card and choose one of those two cards to discard.  All of the resource draws lead to really depleting the resources deck quickly.  Even though the deck is really big, it runs out quickly.  The game is meant to mirror certain aspects of our consumer society that constantly depletes the resources we have while ignoring and not taking advantage of those resources em already have.  

Thanks for reading.  Keep sharing Sandwiches, they are delicious.  Also, share Sandwiches the card game.  We need your help.

Kurt Taylor
Pickle your Sandwiches

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