Saturday, March 29, 2014

Demo Season and a Different Back Burner

We had our first demo at Phoenix Feather on Wednesday.  It went well, people had fun, we gave out free chips.  Got a lot of good feedback as well.  Thanks to everyone who came out.  We are going to be in Lexington Kentucky a 6th Street Brewery on the April 7th doing more demos.  Please come out and give it a go.  We will also be at Lexicon this year demoing the game.  This will be after the Kickstarter, but we will have some other of our games that we are developing.

Back Burner Friday, on Sunday.

Raid is a bit of a different game from what you've seen in previous Tree of Woe back burners.  Most of what we have developed has been card games.  Raid is a board game.  You play it on a grid like with chess or checkers, but the board is longer and more narrow.  It is an asymmetrical game.  One side plays as Vikings who are attacking.  The other plays as Villagers.  There are less Vikings but they all start in a unit working together.  Villagers are more numerous, but  they are all scattered.  The vikings start on one side, on their boat, and are trying to get to the other side where the Villagers are keeping their gold.  After collecting the gold they have to get back to their boat.  In the middle of the map is the fort or castle.  Vikings cannot enter the castle, but Villagers can move through it freely.  Vikings move in a straight line, like rooks, and Villagers move diagonally, like bishops, unless they are in the fort/castle, when they can move in any direction, like a queen.  Up to 4 Villagers or Vikings can all be in a square with others of their type. If a Viking or Villager move into the same space, they fight.  Whoever has the most pieces in a fight wins, but when their is a tie the Viking always beat the Villagers.  When Vikings collect gold, one of the Vikings has to carry the gold, this Viking does not help the Vikings win fights, he's carrying too much loot.
The result of this is a game where one side starts off at an advantage, the Vikings are organized and more powerful.  That power shifts as you play, and the Villagers are more powerful as they have turns to get organized and the Vikings are weighed down by their loot.

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