Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Back Burner

Quick bit of news.  Looks like I have jumped the gun.  I forgot about the review time with Kickstarter.  So, it will be  a bit before the Kickstarter.  Sorry to mislead anyone.  We will have updates on the blog about the status and will be letting everyone know when it comes up. 

I am planning to make Fridays a day where I talk about projects that are on the back burner. 

9Lives is a game my wife, Kelli, and I started working on together.  It started off as us just chatting about games and the popularity of cats on the internet.  She suggested that we could make a fighting game that uses 9 face down cards as each players life total.  As you take damage you flip up these cards.  Each card has a different effect on it when you flip it up like drawing a card or increasing damage on your attacks.  As you take damage you  become more powerful.  It gives players very interesting choices about when to damage to one another. 

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